Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone is feeling very happy and loved. I’ve had a great day so far as I was treated to a full English in bed (the way to my heart), accompanied by a cuppa AND orange juice, a bouquet of roses and some chocolates by my lovely boyfriend. I’m feeling like a very bad girlfriend for not preparing for today and not getting him anything, but I’ve promised a nice head massage and a meal prepared by moi (he’s not convinced by my cooking offer as I’m not the best, but it will be made with love which will hopefully make up for the taste). Anyway, a bottle of something is always appreciated. I’ve also assured him he can watch all the Terminators in one day and I won’t complain once.

img_1459     img_1495

Tonights plans consist of a game of shuffleboard, which has recently become our new favourite thing thanks to the new bar thats opened around the corner from us, followed by a 4 course murder mystery dinner, and I am beyond excited.  Anyone who knows me knows I love a good puzzle and riddle, so a murder mystery+food+drinks = pure happiness.

I’ve gone for a bit of a minimalistic / workwear inspired outfit today, which is not very valentines-esque I’ll admit. I’m in love with these pinstripe trousers from Topshop, the length and fit is great, and they’re made even better by the fact they are navy, which is one of my favourite colours for clothing. On top we have a slightly off white jumper from Zara, which is so tight on the arms that it takes a lot of time, effort and a hell of a lot of patience to put on. Thankfully once I’ve struggled with it until it finally sits right it’s actually comfy and the arms are not a problem at all. Either that or my circulation has been cut off to a point where I can no longer feel my arms, but either way it feels fine. To top it all off I’ve got on my Gucci inspired loafers from Asos, but I know Primark sell a pair pretty much identical to these for around £10. You can’t argue with the price, that’s for sure.

That’s all for today, need to psych myself up for some shuffleboard.

-Daisy, x img_1529img_1535img_1543img_1549img_1500img_1515img_1573img_1576img_1589img_1559img_1560img_1596img_1615img_1618img_1605img_1609img_1627img_1629img_1631

TROUSERS | TOPSHOP (sold out, similar here)

JUMPER | ZARA (sold out, similar here)


The magic of not caring


Whenever I go out to take pictures for my blog, I tend to get a bit self conscious when there are people walking past and looking at me. Naturally, my thoughts are along the lines of ‘I bet they think I look like a right idiot’ or ‘I hope they don’t say something to me’, because a surprising amount of people feel comfortable with throwing a little remark or two out there, especially when they’ve got some friends with them for that moral support! Luckily this hasn’t happened to me so far whilst taking blog pictures, but I do expect some negativity because after all I am literally just striking a few poses to my boyfriend who is taking photos on my iPhone. I don’t even have a proper camera at the moment so I can appreciate the fact that it’s definitely obvious I’m an amateur!


Recently though I’ve become so much more comfortable with who I am and what I’m doing, and today I realised that I couldn’t care less if people are looking and thinking I look stupid. I appreciate that I almost definitely do look a bit stupid and awkward standing in front of a camera/ iPhone, and similarly frivolous and vain for taking picture of what I’m wearing. But I really, really love doing it. Granted, getting my picture taken is my least favourite part, but I really like writing about clothes, and also having somewhere I can write about literally anything I want, even if only a few people end up reading it! I think this is a good mentality to have about life in general, not just taking pictures!  Obviously, there’s a difference between not caring about what your boss or employer thinks about you, and someone who just loves a good gossip, because of course the former is important! And of course it’s not an excuse to go around being horrible either!


Caring what people think of you is only natural, and can be a hard habit to break out of, but it’s also so damaging if it stops you from doing what you want to do, especially because the majority of people have their own things to deal with rather than worry about what you’re doing! I think this fear of other people’s opinions comes a lot from not knowing people’s genuine thoughts. So many people say one thing about someone, and act completely differently to their face, which I think is what resonates with a lot of people, including myself. A lot of the time I’d find myself thinking, ‘if they can say horrible things about so and so, but be their absolute best friend to their face, what are they saying about me?’ and thoughts like these can stop a lot of people doing the things that they’re really passionate about.


I didn’t actually intend to ramble on this much, or dedicate a post to something #deep but I thought I’d just write about something that’s been on my mind, which is what I want this blog to incorporate away!

What I’m basically trying to say in a nutshell is, care less and embrace looking stupid more.

-Daisy, x


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Casual Fridays

TGIF. I feel like I don’t have the right to say that since my structured days ended with my course last week, but this week has been incredibly busy and I’m beyond happy that this evening will be filled with friends, wine and board games. I swear I’ve never heard of a better combination than those three things, and my 2017 will quite possibly be made tonight as my friend has told me he has Friends Scene It – OH EM GEE.

It’s not been the easiest weather to take pictures in this week, I must say, because the wind will just not die down for more than a few seconds at a time. Does it not know that some people are trying to keep a consistent blog going over here? So inconsiderate. Thankfully we managed to find some shelter from the gales in a very glamourous car park so not all is lost, but unfortunately my windswept hair could not be saved. You win some you lose some.


I opted for a very sensible, weather appropriate outfit today (minus the bare ankles – one can only be so sensible.) This jumper has been an absolute life saver for me this winter, so you can imagine my panic when I couldn’t find it last week. Thankfully it had just managed to make its way into the chaos that is the bottom of my wardrobe (I can’t be the only one). It’s from H&M, who have been killing it with knitwear recently in my opinion. My jeans have featured on my blog before, and it’s no surprise that I’m including them again because they’ve hardly been off me since I bought them – I’d had my eye out for the perfect pair of light wash, cropped straight leg jeans, and I definitely struck gold with these. They’re the FAYE jeans from the Miss Selfridge sales, which means that unfortunately they may not be available in store anymore but you can find similar pairs pretty much everywhere on the highstreet at the moment if anyone is interested.

The shoes are my favourite aspect of this outfit, and tie everything together quite nicely I think. They’re covered in some kind of reptilian print (possibly snake? possibly some type of lizard? I don’t know but I like them) and have a wooden block heel. They’re from Topshop, and yes, I’ve done it again and included something that is no longer available – SORRY. I’ve included something similar down below though.

Anyhoo, time to crack open the rosè and brush up on my Friends trivia (like I need to brush up pfft).

-Daisy, x


JUMPER| H&M (similar here)

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