I think it’s safe to say that all of us are sick of winter now. The dark nights, freezing temperatures and the need to wrap up in a million layers before leaving the house is well and truly getting old. As the days are getting longer by minutes a week, I’m finding myself wishing for Spring to arrive more and more. Of course, sunnier days holds warmth, beer gardens and light nights which I’m looking forward to, but I also can’t wait to switch up my wardrobe and start wearing, well, less basically.

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Unwinding in January

I don’t know about you but I’m always drained and exhausted in January. It’s back to work, throwing yourself into your new year’s resolutions and trying to restrain yourself from ordering that pizza (I did fail at this yesterday). You feel like you should be refreshed after a week off at Christmas, but let’s face it – it’s never a relaxing period and you feel like you could do with another week to recover.

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Your Grandad’s Trousers

There’s no doubt about it – these trousers are manrepelling. In fact, to quote my boyfriend, they’re “horrible”. I’ll admit, a few months ago wearing cords would have been completely out of the question – but here I am, sporting a pink pair nonetheless. When you hear the word ‘cords’ the chances are your mind automatically goes to your Grandad – at least mine tends to. It’s typically the clothing of choice for ‘older’ generation, but thanks to the 70s trend cords are pretty much everywhere at the moment. Here I am, jumping on the bandwagon!

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The Little Red Dress


Everyone knows about the classic little black dress, or LBD if you will. It’s a must have in every girls wardrobe and can be dressed up or down to suit every occasion. It’s pretty much a lifesaver – in the most dramatic sense of the word. The little RED dress on the other hand, doesn’t get as much attention which in my opinion is downright tragic (also the dramatic sense of the word). Whilst black is obviously chic and classic, now that it’s finally summer I want to try and inject some colour into my wardrobe and stay away from dark colours as much as I can. So, with this in mind I took myself shopping to find some pieces to update my summer wardrobe. I’m also going to Spain next week so I’m obviously using that as an excuse to buy a ton of summer clothes.

Now, admittedly Urban Outfitters isn’t somewhere that I regularly shop and I very rarely pop in and take a look at what they have to offer. But I found myself in the middle of a VERY busy Liverpool city centre at the weekend – I couldn’t face a manic Zara, I’d already checked out the likes of H&M and Topshop and there was definitely 100% no way that I was tackling Primark on a weekend – literal mayhem. After eating my mid shopping trip hotdog from a burger stall (classy) and dropping ketchup and onions EVERYWHERE I still had some time to kill before meeting my boyfriend after he’d finished at the gym – we lead very different lives, I know. So I wondered into Urban Outfitters and discovered this red beauty. The main thing that drew me to it was the cross over detailing at back, which really gives it something extra even though it makes wearing a bra impossible, and peeking nips inevitable. The fit is lovely and even though it clings to the skin, it (just about) skims over any belly podge – aka my hotdog from earlier that day.

I’ll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this baby and it’s safe to say LRDs are going to become as crucial as a LBD in my wardrobe from now on.


(Please excuse my manky toes in this picture!)


SHOES | NEW LOOK (old, similar here))

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.


Hello everyone and happy Spring! I’m not waiting until the 20th to say this, I’m going along with the meteorological calendar and classing today as the official first day of spring. I just couldn’t resist a good old Miranda Priestly quote for the title of this post! I’ve had a bit of a break from my blog this week which was not the plan, but life got in the way as it does, and the weather definitely hasn’t been the best for taking pictures in that’s for sure! I also had a breather from social media over the weekend, which was very refreshing. I had a really lovely weekend filled with drinking and eating with my boyfriend’s family in Staffordshire, and fell in love with his little nieces and baby nephew all over again, and now I’m wishing I could relive it and forget about my current stressed state of unemployment and bankruptcy! I think my amazing weekend clouded my head a bit (definitely not going to blame the copious amount of wine I drank) because I ended up turning up to my driving test a month early yesterday! How embarrassing. It was originally meant to be on Thursday before storm Dorris caused it to be cancelled – these two events perfectly sum up the way my luck tends to go.


Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on that too much because I will start to worry about my brain even more! I took advantage of this rare bit of sunshine today to take some pictures, and instantly regretted not wearing a top underneath this dress because I was absolutely freezing. Please hurry up summer, I can’t take this cold anymore! Speaking of the dress, it cost me a measly £13 in Primark, which I still can’t get over considering Zara are selling similar things for double the price. I’m really loving florals at the moment, so I couldn’t pass up this little number, especially as it will be a perfect transitional piece for when it does finally start getting a bit warmer. I obviously paired it with some classic black tights and my trusty M&S sock boots.


It’s only going to be a short blog post for today as I’m having some technical difficulties with WordPress which is driving me mad – think I need a long relaxing bath to recover.

I have some exciting things coming up on my blog over the next few weeks so please do stay tuned!

-Daisy, x


DRESS | PRIMARK (instore. Similar here)

BOOTS | MARKS AND SPENCER (similar here)