Fashion Week Inspiration


Oh hello to you all on this very grey and dreary Monday. I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but Liverpool is incredibly miserable today indeed. There were a few times I thought I was going to take off when these pictures were being taken because the wind was so strong. Nevertheless I persevered like the brave little soldier I am. I definitely did not regularly complain to my boyfriend about how cold I was or that I was certain I was getting a blister on my big toe. And my boyfriend definitely didn’t tell me to stop bringing it up every five minutes. Nope, that did not happen. I had a very large and sugary cup of tea when I got home to recover from the whole ordeal.

I’ve been a very busy bee today running around town trying to get things sorted for my blog, sorting out returns, taking pictures, and working on a new journalism related project. I’m very glad to be back home in the warmth with Tipping Point on in the background whilst I write this. I love a good quiz show, (number one fan of The Chase) so this a great way to wind down after a long long day. My day isn’t over yet though as I’m off to play some crazy golf this evening with some friends which I’m very excited about.


As fashion week has been doing the rounds around the world recently, with London Fashion Week going on as we speak, my eyes have been peeled for amazing outfit combos and style inspiration. I’ve wanted to try styling some oriental inspired clothing for a while now, and this shirt has been in my Asos basket for about 3 months now! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I keep thinking about it, but I honestly can’t justify it to myself at the moment. Yesterday I saw a picture on instagram posted by Megan Ellaby (major girl crush) of one of her outfits for fashion week and oh my word it was amazing. I immediately fell in love with the skirt, even just from the slither visible in the picture, and wasted no time in checking where it was from and finding it online. I was expecting it to be from somewhere really expensive which would have broken my heart, but I was very pleasantly surprised to find out it was from New Look! I ran to the New Look first thing this morning and snatched this black version up, which was the only one in the shop, and in my size (my size when I breathe in a bit and suck everything in). It was fate. As well as the blue and black versions, they also have the skirt in pink which is just lovely too.


I paired the skirt with this gorgeous sheer lilac top with ruffles on the sleeves, which very conveniently matches the exact shade of purple in this skirt. I was made up that everything was coming together so well. Obviously it’s way too cold to wear this top on its own, and also it’s see through, so a turtle neck was a must underneath. I love the look of layering turtle necks under things you wouldn’t normally at the moment, so I felt this was a great opportunity to style it. I finished the outfit off with some Primark micro fishnet tights, and my funky silver boots.

Time to scour the web some more for fashion week pics.

Until next time.

-Daisy, x







20 facts about me


Hello and happy Friday everyone! I’ve decided to do something slightly different on my blog today, I’m having a bit of a mental block and can’t come up with one thing to write about which isn’t usually like me! So, I’ve just decided so share 20 random facts about myself. I’ve been mulling this over as a blog topic anyway, and now seems as good a time as any to do it, especially since I’ve had a few more views of my blog recently. I don’t know whether this comes across as a bit egotistical, and I don’t know if anyone will actually be interested in a post like this, but I always enjoy reading similar posts from other people so thought I’d give it a go. Of course, all details of the outfit are at the bottom as always!


  1. I grew up in Chester, and moved to Liverpool for uni when I was 18.
  2. I’m a huge animal lover and wanted to be a vet when I was younger until I realised I would have to put some animals down. I also have a dog shaped hole in my life and want to fill it ASAP, preferably with a lab (rescue of course!).
  3. I have an actual fear of sea food. I don’t know why it is, and I’m fully aware of how pathetic it is, but the thought of some kind of fish or prawn even touching my food makes me feel a bit queasy!
  4. My fave cuisine is definitely Italian, mostly because they put cheese on pretty much everything and I LOVE cheese. I’m yet to find a cheese I don’t like (apart from that smoked one that looks like a sausage and tastes like cigarettes.)
  5. I have a degree in History, and hopefully will soon have my Journalism qualification.


6. I would love to go on a safari in South Africa so much, it’s probably number 1 on my bucket list.
7. When I was about 8, I accidentally set the fire alarm off in a hotel and 2 fire engines came and everyone had to evacuate the building. This was at about 8:30am so a lot of people were standing outside in their dressing gowns. The hotel never found out it was me thankfully.
8. I fancy Miles Teller, a lot. Most people seem to think he’s a strange choice of celebrity crush but I really don’t understand what they mean – he’s beautiful.
9. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, but used to be much worse. I once had a week off school in year 9 because I thought I couldn’t breathe. The fact that I hadn’t died didn’t even convince me!
10. My favourite TV programme has probably got to be Game of Thrones. Jon Snow ❤


11. I have my grade 5 in flute and 4 in piano, and taught myself the guitar – I play all as equally as bad as each other.
12. The best school trip I ever went on was to New York when I was 16.
13. My drink of choice is either a malibu and coke (I ordered it so much bartenders around Liverpool didn’t even need to ask me at one point) or a glass of rosé.
14. I probably partied a lot too hard when I was at uni (god knows how I managed to get a 2:1 still) and now my perfect night out ends at midnight with a pizza in bed.


16. I went to Glastonbury festival with a group of friends when The Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys were playing and it was amazing.
17. I live with my boyfriend in Liverpool City Centre, and we’ve been together for around 3 ish years after meeting on the same course at uni.
18. I went to an all girls secondary school, which tends to invite a lot of questions. It really wasn’t as big a deal as most people think it to be!
19. My favourite night out in Liverpool is definitely Mathew Street. This is only really relevant for people in Liverpool, or those visiting. Seel Street used to be my go-to, but Mathew Street has a much more fun and care free crowd which I love! Also, Sgt Peppers is a great night if you want a good dance to a live cover band. It’s often full of cute old men having a jive you can have a nice chat to as well.
20. My boyfriend and I will have a conversation about pretty much anything and everything with other people. No matter how disgusting or in depth. I find awkward topics hilarious for some reason. A lot of our friends tend to be taken aback at first but come to love it and join in. It makes for a great conversation on nights out!



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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope everyone is feeling very happy and loved. I’ve had a great day so far as I was treated to a full English in bed (the way to my heart), accompanied by a cuppa AND orange juice, a bouquet of roses and some chocolates by my lovely boyfriend. I’m feeling like a very bad girlfriend for not preparing for today and not getting him anything, but I’ve promised a nice head massage and a meal prepared by moi (he’s not convinced by my cooking offer as I’m not the best, but it will be made with love which will hopefully make up for the taste). Anyway, a bottle of something is always appreciated. I’ve also assured him he can watch all the Terminators in one day and I won’t complain once.

img_1459     img_1495

Tonights plans consist of a game of shuffleboard, which has recently become our new favourite thing thanks to the new bar thats opened around the corner from us, followed by a 4 course murder mystery dinner, and I am beyond excited.  Anyone who knows me knows I love a good puzzle and riddle, so a murder mystery+food+drinks = pure happiness.

I’ve gone for a bit of a minimalistic / workwear inspired outfit today, which is not very valentines-esque I’ll admit. I’m in love with these pinstripe trousers from Topshop, the length and fit is great, and they’re made even better by the fact they are navy, which is one of my favourite colours for clothing. On top we have a slightly off white jumper from Zara, which is so tight on the arms that it takes a lot of time, effort and a hell of a lot of patience to put on. Thankfully once I’ve struggled with it until it finally sits right it’s actually comfy and the arms are not a problem at all. Either that or my circulation has been cut off to a point where I can no longer feel my arms, but either way it feels fine. To top it all off I’ve got on my Gucci inspired loafers from Asos, but I know Primark sell a pair pretty much identical to these for around £10. You can’t argue with the price, that’s for sure.

That’s all for today, need to psych myself up for some shuffleboard.

-Daisy, x img_1529img_1535img_1543img_1549img_1500img_1515img_1573img_1576img_1589img_1559img_1560img_1596img_1615img_1618img_1605img_1609img_1627img_1629img_1631

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The magic of not caring


Whenever I go out to take pictures for my blog, I tend to get a bit self conscious when there are people walking past and looking at me. Naturally, my thoughts are along the lines of ‘I bet they think I look like a right idiot’ or ‘I hope they don’t say something to me’, because a surprising amount of people feel comfortable with throwing a little remark or two out there, especially when they’ve got some friends with them for that moral support! Luckily this hasn’t happened to me so far whilst taking blog pictures, but I do expect some negativity because after all I am literally just striking a few poses to my boyfriend who is taking photos on my iPhone. I don’t even have a proper camera at the moment so I can appreciate the fact that it’s definitely obvious I’m an amateur!


Recently though I’ve become so much more comfortable with who I am and what I’m doing, and today I realised that I couldn’t care less if people are looking and thinking I look stupid. I appreciate that I almost definitely do look a bit stupid and awkward standing in front of a camera/ iPhone, and similarly frivolous and vain for taking picture of what I’m wearing. But I really, really love doing it. Granted, getting my picture taken is my least favourite part, but I really like writing about clothes, and also having somewhere I can write about literally anything I want, even if only a few people end up reading it! I think this is a good mentality to have about life in general, not just taking pictures!  Obviously, there’s a difference between not caring about what your boss or employer thinks about you, and someone who just loves a good gossip, because of course the former is important! And of course it’s not an excuse to go around being horrible either!


Caring what people think of you is only natural, and can be a hard habit to break out of, but it’s also so damaging if it stops you from doing what you want to do, especially because the majority of people have their own things to deal with rather than worry about what you’re doing! I think this fear of other people’s opinions comes a lot from not knowing people’s genuine thoughts. So many people say one thing about someone, and act completely differently to their face, which I think is what resonates with a lot of people, including myself. A lot of the time I’d find myself thinking, ‘if they can say horrible things about so and so, but be their absolute best friend to their face, what are they saying about me?’ and thoughts like these can stop a lot of people doing the things that they’re really passionate about.


I didn’t actually intend to ramble on this much, or dedicate a post to something #deep but I thought I’d just write about something that’s been on my mind, which is what I want this blog to incorporate away!

What I’m basically trying to say in a nutshell is, care less and embrace looking stupid more.

-Daisy, x


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Today’s assignment, kick some ass!


I did cringe slightly when I was typing the title of this blog post, but I just couldn’t resist slipping in a School of Rock reference, and I think it’s quite appropriate considering the ass-kickingness of this jacket. Stick it to the man!  Today I have been channeling some serious bad ass vibes (how many times can I include the word ass in this blog post?), and you may think that I’m a bad ass MF for wearing a leather jacket in the depths of winter, but I can assure you I was as toasty as can be what with my thermal vest, long sleeve top and turtle neck underneath. That’s rock n roll for you, kids.


This outfit is pretty exciting, if I do say so myself, and it is slightly out of my comfort zone I must admit. I’ve never owned an item of clothing with any kind of badges appliquéd onto it, never mind Wonderwoman splat bang in the middle of my back. Nevertheless, something about this jacket drew me towards it when I saw it hanging in the chaotic Zara sale. I love it so much despite the fact that it has some words on it that I definitely don’t think are in the English dictionary, and are a total mystery to me, for example, WOEAAA and PLAK (???!!!). If I am missing something here and they are in fact words please do let me know. I would love to know what a plak is and start using it in my day to day vocabulary.


Anyway, enough of trying to decipher what my jacket says, it has Wonderwoman and BAM on it and that’s good enough for me. I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit plain and simple as the jacket is obviously very loud. I went with my classic pairing of black boots, black jeans and a black polo neck – a combination which my boyfriend regularly lets me know makes me look like Steve Jobs. So thank you Steve, not only for your products but for inspiring my style.

That’s all for now folks, I’m gonna go and save the world.

-Daisy, x


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