For The Love Of All Things Neutral

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that recently I have been drawn more and more to a neutral colour palette. I do love the odd pop of colour still, but the last few months I’ve been gravitating to a more muted look. Perhaps it’s just a result of the winter months as my ASOS saved list is starting to include a few more colourful pieces now that all of the summer trends are coming through – I recently bought a baby pink boiler suit which I’m sure you will be seeing on here very soon!


Of the whole neutral shades, I’ve particularly been loving brown, which to be honest, I never thought I’d say. This brown cardigan is a recent addition to my wardrobe, and I think it’s perfect for this kind of year. These photos were actually taken a few weeks back when summer worryingly came in February and I was actually starting to get a bit of a sweat on in it! Now that we’re back to the climate that it should be in March, it’s a great little piece to have in your wardrobe. I think it would also look really nice draped over a white dress for those chilly summer evenings (which I cannot wait for).

I was really feeling the simplicity of this outfit as it’s pretty much just made up of basic pieces in my wardrobe: a plain white tee, straight leg jeans and of course a pair of black boots. All tied together with my leopard print belt, which is my most reached for belt at the moment, and has been for quite a while.


Cardigan – ASOS / Necklace – Jigsaw (old) / T-Shirt – Pieces / Jeans – Topshop / Belt – ASOS (old)

I’ve been trying to invest more into basic pieces that I can mix and match into different outfits and looks. Before I buy something I try and envision it with different items that are already in my wardrobe, and if it only goes with one or two, it’s a no-go. I by no means work off of a capsule wardrobe, but I do love some aspects of it such as that one. It makes getting dressed in the morning just that much easier!

Photography by Dan Farrow

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