My Top Tips for Productivity

I’ve been working for myself for a little while now, so obviously that means that I have to self motivate a lot and ensure that may days are well spent. There’s no better feeling than shutting your laptop and plonking yourself on the sofa for an evening with Netflix after a productive day. So with that in mind, I thought I’d do a little blog post of some tried and tested (by me) tips that I find really help me get through my daily to-do lists.

My working week technically starts on a Sunday evening, if you want to look at it that way. After a typically relaxing Sunday, I sit myself down with my notebook, ruler and pen and map out my upcoming week. I’ve recently dipped a toe into the whole bullet-journaling which I have found really useful. It’s the most basic form of a bullet journal as it only consists of boxes I draw labelled Monday to Friday, but it does the job nonetheless.  I like to do this on a Sunday because when I get down to business on a Monday morning, everything is already planned for my day and I can just get started straight away.

Obviously things often get changed around, but having a basic idea of my week really helps me. I also be sure to note down any general life bits that I have going on throughout the week that I need to take into account. For example, today I had to wait in for our new dishwasher to arrive and be installed, and sometimes I’m looking after Chase (cockapoo – you’ll find him on my Instagram highlights!) so I’ll plan tasks like photos around these.


Jumper – Marks and Spencer / Skirt – Topshop (paid for by me but have received gifting from them) / Boots – New Look

A clear and tidy workspace does wonders for productivity. Before I start any work I always make sure that my desk is ready and the room spick and span. This brings me onto having a designated spot for work. Over the Christmas break, my boyfriend and I headed to IKEA to pick me up a desk and chair, and transformed the spareroom come dumping ground into an at home office. It’s so much better than my previous workspace of my dining table and it’s great to be able to physically separate work and home. If I’m getting a bit of cabin fever, I do like to head out to a cafe and get some work done there.

Although I don’t write my to-do lists in order of how I’m going to be doing them, I do like to prioritise the biggest and most time-consuming tasks first. Getting these big things done first thing in the morning really helps me to feel like I’m getting somewhere, and that goes a long way in motivating me throughout the rest of the day. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment!

Something that I always try to do as well is to take a lunch break. I don’t really give myself a set amount of time for this, sometimes it’s the 10 minutes that it takes for me to wolf down my food, other times it can be up to an hour if I fancy popping out for lunch. Having a clear divide in the day really helps me with planning my tasks too and it makes it easier for me to delegate pre and post lunch. I always find that my energy picks back up after I’ve eaten something so if I feel like my concentration is dwindling it usually means that it’s time for lunch!


Now that I have more flexibility, I’m trying to put more time into my blog. I’ve implemented a schedule into my bullet-journal of Tuesdays and Fridays for new blog posts, and I have lots of ideas that I’m excited to put into action. Hopefully I will be able to stick to this! I’d also love to dip my toe into more video content this year, whether that’s Youtube or on Instagram I’ve yet to decide (or maybe both!). Let me know if you have any tips that you find help you to be more productive, I’d love to hear them!

Photography by Dan Farrow 

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