The Midi Skirt

I’ve got to say that I’ve never really been a fan of midi skirts on myself. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love them on other people but I just didn’t feel ‘me’ whenever I tried one on. I’ve always been a mini skirt kinda gal and I doubt this will change any time soon. However, my opinions on midi skirts recently changed when I met this leopard print number.

After seeing tons of people on Instagram rocking leopard midis I couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon – I mean, they just looked so effortlessly cool, right?! After scouring ASOS I decided to go for one with a slit up the side to show a lil bit of leg (not to the extent of Angalina Jolie, mind) which I think can make it look both more casual and more dressy depending on how you style it. It also means you’re legs aren’t as restricted which is always a perk – especially if for some reason you have to run away from danger (JK I’m not paranoid, promise).


As you can tell I decided to dress it down for a casual stroll through the woods. I mean, could I BE any more autumny? That was to be read in the voice of Chandler Bing. A slouchy jumper, boots and a midi skirt is a look that I am digging right now, and it’s perfect whilst we still have just a bit of bare leg weather left, although I am wearing tights as I’m writing this.

I have to say, these cowboy boots from Topshop are probably the best thing I’ve bought in the last few months because they literally go with everything. I have barely taken them off my feet – I can’t actually imagine a time that I didn’t own them. I mean, what did I even use to wear? If you’re looking for a pair of new boots to see you into Autumn and Winter I would highly recommend picking these up.


Anyway, must dash – I have lots of pensieve thoughts to be thinking on my new log.

Thanks for reading!

Skirt | Oasis (sold out, similar here)

Boots | Topshop

Jumper | YAS

Hair Bow | ASOS (sold out, similar here)

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