The Corduroy Power Suit

If you have been keeping up with the trends for AW18 at all, or if simply you have found yourself in any clothes shop recently, you may have noticed that cord is everywhere. Cord trousers, skirts, blazers, even shoes – you can’t get away from it and if you’re anything like me you won’t want to.

As a child my mum used to dress me in a lot of cord and I absolutely hated it. I remember having a pair of cord trousers that I used to avoid at all costs – I was all about my baggy cargo pants with reflective tassels! Yes really, I owned these and they were my favourite thing to wear. Thankfully, I do not have the same mindset when it comes to cord because at the moment I just can’t get enough of it.


I saw this powder blue cord suit floating around Instagram and I just couldn’t resist picking it up for myself. It’s perfect for this transitional weather we’re having right now, but swap out the tshirt for a turtle neck or even a jumper and add some tights and you’ve got a great winter outfit. It can also be dressed either up or down which is another way that I justified buying it to myself. Always on the lookout for those versatile pieces.


I shot these pictures with Dan  last week back in my hometown of Chester, just a couple of streets over from where I grew up and my mum and sister still live. It’s one of my favourite places to be when it comes to Autumn because it’s full of trees and crispy leaves. I’ve got plenty of memories of walking around the area collecting concors and it just makes me feel so cosy and content (anyone else get that feeling when they go back to their family home?). Autumn is my absolute favourite season – I love the fashion, the crisp and fresh air, the colours, cosy nights in, candles, the list goes on. After such a great summer that we have had in the UK this year though I am more sad than normal to say goodbye to the warm weather, but I have heard that we’re meant to have an Indian Summer at some point so it might not be over just yet.


I’m looking forward to shooting lots of Autumn content for my blog and Instagram in the coming weeks, although I do think I have forgotten just how cold it was when it came to photographing last year’s looks…


Photography by Dan Farrow 

Blazer | H&M 

Skirt | H&M 

Boots | Topshop

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