My Life: 02

Hello and happy Sunday! Unfortunately it seems that Liverpool’s moment in the sun only lasted a day as it’s looking fairly grey and miserable at the moment. Yesterday was the first real day that felt like Spring had finally arrived, so of course the whole of it was spent outside. I even stripped off my coat and scarf, would you believe?!


The combination of some sunshine and a Saturday afternoon can obviously only mean one thing for us Brits. You guessed it – beer garden. I’d forgotten how nice it is to be able to bask in some rays with a few drinks (until, that is, you have one too many Old Mout ciders and spend the next few hours in desperate need of a renee – always living my most glamorous life). Our local is a dog-friendly pub and whilst there we got chatting to a couple who had lovely Border Collie rescue. Obviously, being the dog fanatic that I am, I took the opportunity to quiz them about the processes of adopting a rescue as it’s something I would love to do within the next couple of years. I’m hoping that the dog shaped hole in my heart will be filled slightly in the meantime, as of course we swapped numbers in the hope that they ask me to look after their pup.


In preparation for a busy week ahead, I’m taking today as a day to do absolutely nothing. I don’t know whether cutting meat completely out of my diet has something to do with it, but recently I’ve been feeling absolutely exhausted (even more than normal!). When I’ve not had to set my alarm for work, I’ve been sleeping through the night for around ten hours. After going to sleep at around midnight last night, I only woke up thanks to my boyfriend at 10:30 this morning, and even that didn’t seem like enough! If anyone else has experienced this when transitioning to a Vegetarian diet, I would love to know.

Moving onto other things that are making me tired – I’m still keeping up with my two personal training sessions a week. We’ve now introduced kettle bells into my workout routine, and I can honestly say I’ve never hated an inanimate object as much as I do these. However, after I push through the almost overpowering feelings of wanting to go home and never come back, I feel tons better. I’m (very) slowly but surely starting to see the benefits of it in terms of how much I can now do. I definitely need that someone to push me, as if it were up to me my workouts would go back to consisting of me half-heartedly pedalling the exercise bike whilst watching YouTube videos on my phone.


I’ve got some exciting things coming up this week which I will be sharing over on my Instagram so be sure to head over there if you fancy a nosey.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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