Rediscovering an Old Gem

Now that Spring is finally here (just about) it’s time to ditch the winter thermals in favour of some lighter layers. Don’t get me wrong, my ‘big coat’ is still on stand-by in case of another bought of snow – it is the UK after all – but on those odd days that reach above 4 degrees I’m definitely embracing a lighter jacket.


I was sorting through my wardrobe a few months ago and rediscovered this suede jacket that I bought from Mango a couple of years back. In some moment of madness I actually put it in my ‘to sell’ pile as I didn’t think I would get much more wear out of it. Thankfully, I came to my senses and decided to give it another go, Flash forward a few weeks and I have now fallen in love with it all over again. I do love a bit of 70s dressing now and again and I think this piece is perfect for that whilst also being timeless in its own right.


In a culture of fast fashion, I’m trying to make an effort to invest in versatile pieces that can be reworked and styled in a number of different ways for years to come. I must admit, I love buying new clothes and I spend lots of time scouring through the new-in pages of my favourite retailers. However, it’s important to me to avoid the ‘wear once, cast aside’ mentality that often accompanies a love of fashion. I seem to have achieved this when purchasing this jacket, as although I did forget about it for a while (oops) I now love it just as much as I did when it was new, and I already have ideas of how I will be styling it over the next few months.

Talking about cost-per-wear, I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of these Topshop boots. Saying I’ve worn them to death would be an understatement. I am thinking about picking another pair up because mine are starting to look a bit grubby now and they need a re-heeling job for sure. However, they have lasted me well considering how often I have worn them and what I’ve subjected them to.


Now onto some newer pieces in my wardrobe. I’m a sucker for anything Western inspired, and I love the fact that it’s a key trend for this season as it means I have lots of pieces to choose from. I saw this fringed shirt on ASOS a few weeks ago and snapped it up instantly. The fact that it merges my two loves of polka dots and the western style meant it was a winning combination and headed straight to my basket. These jeans are also an ASOS find. I originally picked them up as an alternative to Topshop’s DREE jeans as they don’t fit properly on me, and I’ve pretty much not had them off since. If anyone else has problems with the DREE’s I’d highly recommend trying these out.


That leaves us with accessories. I’ve been eyeing up a number of these wicker/straw style bags for a while now and I finally decided to pick one up. I opted for this black one from Zara as although I originally had my heart set on a beige colour, I thought this would get less grubby. Knowing me, I will probably pick up a beige one too in the coming weeks but for now I am loving this. It’s perfect for both day and night, and will look super cute when I go on my jollys in a few months.

Last but certainly not least is my belt. I don’t remember the last time I picked up a belt, but I’ve recently been into my accessories more and you should never underestimate the power of a good belt in an outfit. I had a leopard print one when I was younger and absolutely loved it, so I thought I would be all nostalgic and repurchase it in a size that fits a waist bigger than a 10-year-olds. I remember being obsessed with this picture of Emma Watson at Glastonbury years ago, because I loved her outfit SO much, so I fully intend on recreating it this summer.


JACKET | MANGO (similar here, here and here)





BAG | ZARA (sold out, similar here, here and here)

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