Spreading The Good News

It’s no secret that the news is full of tragic events – pick up a newspaper and its slim pickings to find anything remotely positive. Bad news sells papers after all. Reading stories about the horrors happening across the globe is a sure fire way to get you down, and whilst it’s vital to stay informed, it’s equally as important to remind yourself that not everything is doom and gloom. In an attempt to cheer things up, I’ve put together some uplifting news stories to warm your heart…

Canada Bus Driver Feeds Stray Dog Every Day

Is there anything as heartwarming than a nice story about a dog? The dog waits for his food everyday with a wagging tail ever since the bus driver first started feeding him two years ago. Read the full story here.


Woman Adopts A Bee As A Pet

Apparently bumble bees make just as good pets as cats and dogs according to Fiona from Scotland. Who’d have thought it? The bee loves to sleep, eat and drink in her hand. Read more here.

Villagers Saved Their Local Pub By Raising £1million 

They each put around £50 towards buying the pub and eventually were able to raise enough funds to buy it back from developers. An 87-year-old man who was born in the pub re-opened the building and pulled the first pint. Take a look at the full story here.


Tom Hanks Responds To Wedding Invitation Sent By Fan

He sent a typewritten letter back to the couple explaining why he couldn’t attend, but invited them to see a production. As if the world needed another reason to love Tom Hanks. Full story here.

Surgeon Hikes Through Snow To Operate On Patient 

You can’t get much more dedication than this. A woman in Scotland braved the snowy weather (which was on red alert) to get to the hospital. She walked almost eight hours in the snow so as not to let her patient down. Read the whole thing here.


There we go – five news stories that aren’t about murder, shootings or disheartening politics! I hope these have made you smile somewhat.


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