I think it’s safe to say that all of us are sick of winter now. The dark nights, freezing temperatures and the need to wrap up in a million layers before leaving the house is well and truly getting old. As the days are getting longer by minutes a week, I’m finding myself wishing for Spring to arrive more and more. Of course, sunnier days holds warmth, beer gardens and light nights which I’m looking forward to, but I also can’t wait to switch up my wardrobe and start wearing, well, less basically.


The desire for Spring and light layers is what inspired this outfit, and it’s definitely something I’ll be reaching for when the warmer days finally arrive. Even though we’re still in the depths of winter (we were so nicely reminded here by heavy snowfall yesterday), I’m reaching for a lot of summer appropriate pieces – especially lightweight, white tops. My last ASOS order consisted of three white blouses and one white T shirt so, as you can tell, I am a fan. I am pining for the days that I don’t have to hide them under a massive coat.

For this particular shoot I (stupidly) braved the cold and went without my coat – I didn’t even bring one out of the flat with me which I soon regretted when I could no longer feel or move my fingers. All in the name of fashion, am I right? Note: I am not right and it was very irresponsible of me. Sorry mum.


Whilst my coat was absent, I did have some form of layering in the shape of this B-E-A-U-tiful blazer from Zara. Bottle green which very autumnal coloured stripes – yes Zara! Brace yourselves for the price too… Originally £90, I managed to swoop it up for a mere 20 English Pounds! You really can’t argue with the January sales. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen me show it in my mini ‘Stories Haul’ amongst a handful of other bargains.


As you may be able to tell from the slight change of scenery in these shots and the fact I have banged on about it, I was pretty bloody cold outside so we wandered into one of Liverpool’s gems which is Sefton Park Palm House. This was actually the first time I’ve ever been inside it and I’m so glad I did because it’s absolutely stunning. If you’re unaware of it, it’s basically a botanical garden in the heart of one of Liverpool’s parks which is stunning in its own right too. The plants made me feel like I was in a lovely, tropical country which made it slightly more depressing when we ventured back out into the cold. You can’t have everything I suppose.


Taking a trip to Sefton Park made me realise that I want to spend a lot more time outdoors and out of the city centre. Whilst I have moved out of the hustle and bustle thankfully, I’d love to have more days surrounded by greenery and nature as I feel it does wonders for the soul. The fact that parks tend to be inundated with dogs is of course a huge bonus. I stroked many a furry friend whilst taking these pictures which always makes for a good day.







BAG | MANGO (similar here)

2 thoughts on “SPRING WISHES

  1. That blazer is to die for!!! Not helping my continuously growing desire for one! Love the look you created. I am definitely not looking forward to hotter more humid weather down here in the caribbean but I can imagine how annoying so much cold can be

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