Sourcing Inspiration

It’s pretty common to feel demotivated and disheartened when you scroll through social media. As someone who’s a very small fish in a very large ocean full of bloggers and ‘influencers’, I’ve found it all too easy to fall into the trap of comparing myself to those around me which is definitely not healthy. However, recently I’ve been scrolling through my social media feeds with a whole different mindset – banishing those negative thoughts and instead replacing them with inspiration and ideas. I thought in this blog post I would share where I’ve been getting some inspiration from whether that’s inspo for photography, an outfit or even motivation to simply try and sort my life out.


First things first, I thought I’d share a couple of bloggers that I always go back to, often for different reasons. One of my all time favourites is Lizzy Hadfield from Shot from the Street. As well as updating her blog almost every day, she posts YouTube videos twice a week and has a killer Instagram account – seriously go and check her out if you haven’t already. What I love about Lizzy is not only her style and personality – her images are so lovely and she always gets creative with her work. From using illustrations on top of images to creating an almost gallery of sliding snaps on Instagram she really pushes the boat out.

Sophie Milner from Fashion Slave  is another gal giving me strong inspo right now. I’m absolutely in love with her personality and style, but not only that, her writing gives me serious literature envy. I love reading her blog posts as she’s so honest and funny, and tends to talk about thought provoking topics, often within the blogging industry.


Instagram is a main source of inspiration, with it being especially handy to be able to save your favourite images in different collections. I’ve got two separate collections on the go at the moment which I sort by photography and style. Pretty self explanatory, but if I see a photo that I love the photography of I’ll save it under, you guessed it, photography. This literally could be something as random as a bowl of cereal, but if I like the layout, angle or shot I’ll save it. Style is also pretty obvious – if I see an outfit or combination I like I’ll add it to the collection and refer back to it if I’m struggling to dress myself! You can also find similar images to your saved ones which is incredibly useful.


Music is also a great source of inspiration, and I think it impacts the way we all dress more than we think. Over the years I’ve always wanted my style to fit into a particular category, whether that’s classic and minimalist, colourful, or 60’s inspired, but I’ve come to realise that I don’t have to confine myself to a particular niche. Sometimes I love a good A-Line mini skirt, whilst other days I fancy wearing a slogan or band t shirt with some jeans. Music definitely influences my style, and I often notice that my clothing choices definitely reflect what I’ve been listening to.



BAG | MANGO (similar)

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