Reflecting on Blogging

It’s almost been a year since I started my blog (1st January will mark its first birthday to be precise) and I don’t think I ever anticipated how much I’d enjoy doing it. Juggling a full time job and a blog is definitely a difficult and stressful task – one that I often fall short of, but I love it nonetheless.

I often find myself frustrated with how little I manage to post in comparison to what I want to be doing. My main struggle is having to rely on other people to take photos for me which is something I hate – I’d do anything to clone myself and do things when and how I’d like! Up until a couple of weeks ago it was my boyfriend taking my pictures on my phone, but I’ve decided to invest some money and work with photographers as iPhone pictures just don’t cut it. I was paying my boyfriend in Sunday roasts (the best form of currency) but understandably he wasn’t thrilled to be spending a chunk of his weekends taking photos of me.


Updating my Instagram feed regularly is something that stresses me out far more than it should. I’ve realised the importance of Instagram and how much it goes hand in hand with blogging so I try my best to upload at least once a day. This can be a challenge now that the days are shorter and it’s pitch black by the time I finish work at 5pm. I’ve been taking a few pictures before work but often the weather doesn’t permit it. I’ve started to become one of those annoying people who spends their time obsessing over social media and checking their phone every ten minutes which is something I’m trying to stop. Now that I’m able to shoot a few outfits in one session with a photographer it’s helped me out with Instagram a lot, but there’s still the need to take fresh photos in the week which can be a struggle.


Whilst I can often feel disheartened by my lack of time and dependence on other people, I love having my own corner of the internet where I can share my thoughts. I hoping to be able to post more often and higher quality content now, and with a bank of images it seems more achievable now. Who knows – I may even branch out into YouTube in the new year? Let me know what you think.




7 thoughts on “Reflecting on Blogging

  1. I do not have a professional camera and it is frustrating at times relying on my phone. I am starting to contact photographers again as well, because I think there is a big difference. I love your outfit by the way and I think these photos of you are great.

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    1. Yes I completely agree, there’s such a huge difference. I wish I had the means to have photographers take all my photos but sometimes it does just come down to my phone unfortunately! Thank you so much for reading! Xx

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  2. iPhone or no iPhone you always produce really lovely images! Would you ever be interested in film photography? I’m a bit of an amateur photographer myself, based in Manchester. If you ever wanted to work together on a post let me know x

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