Reflecting on University

September has come around again (how???) and that means thousands of 18 year olds are travelling to unfamiliar cities across the country to start their next chapter. Liverpool is no exception and as students are starting to arrive I’m becoming painfully aware that this is the second year that I’m not one of them. When did I get so old? I swear I just finished my A-Levels five minutes ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO thankful that I’m past the days of staying in the library until the early hours of the morning before a deadline (5:30am on one occasion – F U dissertation), but there are some things that make me envious of students.


I can still remember how excited/nervous I was driving to my halls for the first time and seeing who I was going to be living with for the next year. There’s something so refreshing about not knowing anything about the situation you’re going to be thrown into, especially when everyone around you is in the same boat. I distinctly remember having THE best time in freshers week – I must have done because went out something like 11 nights on the trot (apparently being immune to hangovers is something I wish I still had). University is pretty much the last time in your life that you’re going to have ZERO RESPONSIBILITIES! I mean, you’re there to get a degree but apart from that NOTHING! God I miss that. It’s strange – I absolutely love my job now and the fact that I have money that doesn’t come from a measly student loan and a shitty part time job, but a small part of me is sad that I can’t go out and get drunk on a Tuesday if I really wanted to anymore.


Surprisingly, the main thing I miss about university now is the actual learning. When you’re a student (or at least in my case) I worked hard when there was a deadline or exam, but I often skipped lectures to nurse a hangover and next to never went to seminars because I hated the idea of speaking up in front of a group – something I’ve never had a problem with before or since uni – weird. I don’t regret this at all because I had an amazing three years and still came out of it with a 2:1 which is what I always aimed for, but I would love to go back and actually focus on the classes rather than the partying side of uni. I think education is something that we start to appreciate more as soon as we’re out of it. I’d love to attend more lectures about History (what I did my degree in) now and it’s still a bit frustrating that I didn’t make the most of it whilst it was all in my lap – I did pay £27k for it after all!

Anyway, if you’re off to uni this week, have an amazing time and make the most of it because it’s over faster than you can say let’s do tequila shots!



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