Wardrobe Refresh

Over the last few months I’ve been slowly but surely making a mental list of some staple pieces that I want to invest in throughout the coming months. It pretty much consists of the standard basics that either I don’t already own, or would like to update this year. One thing that I challenged myself to find was the perfect (and affordable) leather jacket.

Of course, in my ideal world I would definitely be taking my pick of the many drop dead GORGEOUS Acne leather jackets, but as I don’t have a grand to spare right now it’s unfortunately not an options (one day). I’m not going to lie, I found it pretty hard to find a jacket that ticked all my boxes and cost less than £400. It was a lot harder that I thought to find just a simple leather jacket that wasn’t too cropped or had zips galore. However, my one true love Zara pulled through with this bad boy. IMG_5979IMG_5988

I was prepared to spend around the £150 mark as I know I get tons of wear out of leather jackets, but miraculously I only had to fork out a mere £49.99 for something that will be so intrinsic to my wardrobe. Winner winner chicken dinner. As well as this jacket, I’ve picked up a couple of other bits and bobs over the last few days one of which being this insane t shirt also from, you guessed it, Zara. It says I need more space on it and who can’t relate to that eh? (The space I need is my equal sharing of the bed at all times – who else’s boyfriend likes to either jut their arse out in their sleep or lie diagonally?)


I like to wear my new things all at once because I have no will power, so these shoes are also new to my wardrobe. I absolutely love zebra print so these are right up to my street and are actually courtesy of Mother Speed. After never wearing them (I can’t see why) she very kindly passed them over to me and they have been gracing my feet ever since. They’re a size too small for me and leave a couple of significant blisters but you know what they say, no pain no gain (the most inaccurate saying ever).


I’ve picked up a couple more new bits recently which I am sure will feature on my blog in the coming weeks, and my next goal is to find the perfect coat for this season. I already have my eye on a few so I will keep you updated as and when!

-Daisy, x




JEANS | MISS SELFRIDGE (similar here)


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