A Break from the City


If you’ve read my blog before, chances are you’ll be aware of the fact that I live in Liverpool City Centre. Whilst I absolutely love having everything right on my doorstep, there’s nothing I look forward to more than the promise of beautiful greenery and some peace and quiet whenever I visit my hometown Chester (apart from seeing my cat, and family I suppose).

This weekend, it was my mum’s birthday so I headed back for the day and fortunately we were lucky enough to have a lovely day of sunshine. After what may well have been the last BBQ of the year (sob), my family and I headed over to the cutest little village, Eccleston, which is just a short drive from my parents’ house. Of course, I took the opportunity to take some pictures for my blog. Eccleston can be summed up by the fact that it used to have a ‘police house’ which I think is just the cutest thing ever. It obviously isn’t used for fighting crime anymore as it’s hard to imagine anything bad happening there, but the old signing is still there which is amazing. In 2011 it was recorded that there was just 246 people living there which is crazy!


I really wanted to capture the place in these pictures and get across how quaint and beautiful it actually is. I actually have another blog post coming in the next few days which was shot here too, and shows a whole different area of it. The Duke of Westminster actually lives in Eccleston and I’m pretty sure he owns all of the property there as its on his estate, and the huge truck you can see in the first picture is actually a Polo horse van which I assume transports his horses to and from polo games – how fancy. Oh to be a duchess.

With buildings like the old police house, and the former post office house it’s easy to imagine a time that the area was a real oldie worldy village (I have a habit of picturing the places in the past – thanks history degree). What was also interesting was that on every sign there was a cute little dog which after doing a bit of googling I’ve learnt is a Talbot – a now extinct white hunting dog which apparently modern day beagles are related to.


The best thing about Eccleston is probably that it’s right on the river making it the perfect place to go in summer. We used to take my grandparents’ lab for walks down there and he’d go mad for the river, and I remember once I went canoeing on it (I’m pretty sure it was only once – I’m not one for water sports). There are tons of dog walkers down there so obviously I was in heaven, especially when I got to stroke a six week old puppy (eeee!). Now I’m back in the hustle and bustle of Liverpool I am a bit jealous of people surrounded by nature and calm every day, but I’m definitely not ready to leave city life behind just yet!


(Hi dad’s reflection!)


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