Love/Hate Relationships


There have been a lot of things this week that I have been loving, some that I’ve been hating and some things a little I have mixed emotions towards. So, I thought today I would do a bit of a stream of consciousness post and share my love/hate relationships of the week! Because just sharing things you love is sooo yesterrdayyy.


If you don’t live in the UK, you might not know that we have had a pretty dramatic heat wave this week. We’ve had highs of 31 degrees celsius thank you very much. And before those in hotter climates laugh at us thinking that it absolutely bloody ROASTING, we’re not used to this heat. And because it’s a rare occurrence literally no where has air con which is an absolute nightmare. Also our location means that we get a whole lot more humidity than other hot countries which is the main reason we can’t deal with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been over the moon at how lovely it’s been and I’m deffo not complaining (much), but when you’re stuck in a boiling hot office or trying to get to sleep in a stuffy flat with no fan (and its too loud outside to open my windows) its not fun. Definitely a love/ hate thing going on.

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love honeycomb magnums. I literally feel sad when I finish one. So obviously now that the weather is like this, I’ve been eating my fair share of them. If you’ve never had the pleasure of eating one, stop what you’re doing and go and get one. Seriously, you won’t regret it.


This is very negative of me to include, and I have no idea why I have such strong feelings of hate towards this song that I thought I would include it. I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s that one talking about women stripping off maybe?? It’s on the radio ALL THE TIME. I saw him perform it on The Graham Norton show a few weeks back and from that moment on I’ve just hated it more than anything else I’ve ever heard (exaggeration but you get my gist). On the other hand, I very much like Harry Styles new stuff.

Now onto something I’ve been loving this week. I’m a bit late to the party (about 10 years late) but I’ve become obsessed with this programme. I like humour to be risky and almost cross the line a bit, basically anything that’s the opposite of PC so this is literally my ideal show, would highly recommend if there is anyone to still not have seen it like me.


Trying to be healthy/ tone up/ watch your diet is SO HARD. Literally, how do people do it? I swear I’ve genuinely been snacking more the harder I try to stop. I’m going on holiday in less than a month so I’m desperately trying to banish my stomach podge so I don’t have to walk around sucking my belly in round the pool. Unfortunately though, I’m not very good at dealing with being hungry. As soon as I feel a pang (and that’s pretty much within 45 minutes of last eating) I can only think about food, and how I’m starting to feel weak with hunger (so dramatic) so of course I eat because I don’t want to starve now do I? BUT I have been getting into the gym a bit more, I’ve downloaded a workout schedule which is so far so good, I am only on day 3 though. Anyway, if I don’t manage to F off the fat, that’s what sarongs are for right?






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