Why I took a break from blogging…


Long time no speak! First things first, I’ve got to address the fact that I’ve had almost a three week long break from blogging. I’m pretty sure a week is the longest I’ve ever previously taken off from posting, and I’ve got to admit that I’ve got no particular excuse. I’ve taken copious amounts of pictures over the past few weeks that I intended to use for blog posts, but nothing seemed quite right. I’ve honestly just had a lack of inspiration and just became disheartened with it all! I became obsessive over my instagram and trying to gain more followers, and disheartened with how I can never quite translate what I have in my head for the aesthetic and topics for my blog to reality. I’m also a photographer down as my boyfriend’s (he takes my pics) work situation has changed so he has a lot less time to dedicate to helping me out! This also means that on his days off he doesn’t particularly feel like spending his time playing photographer. Nevertheless, after taking a step back I’ve decided that over the next few weeks I’m planning on throwing a lot of time and energy into my blog, and I’m working on getting a brand new template very soon.


So without further ado, I’ll get onto my outfit. Slogan tees are pretty much my favourite things right now, because not only are they incredibly comfy and effortless to throw on, they’re also bang on trend. Hallelujah! This particular one is from Topshop, as is evidently heavily inspired by the Gucci tee that’s been making the rounds recently. It’s also my third French slogan tee, the other two being featured here and here. I chose to pair it with this navy sack style skirt, as the red from the top brings them together perfectly. Navy and red is one of my fave colour combinations, for obvious reasons – they look fab together. The same goes for this uhmaaazing red mini bag from Primark of all places(!!!!). Although it doesn’t hold much, it’s the perfect bag for throwing your phone, keys and card in this summer, and it even has a cute little golden bee on the popper. What more can you ask for? It was a glorious sunny day when I took these pictures so I jumped at the chance of bare legs, no jacket and sunglasses, but of course opted for boots because I’m in them pretty much all year round.

You’ll be seeing a lot more from me soon with any luck, so make sure to click that follow button, and check out my instagram @daisycuttings 







8 thoughts on “Why I took a break from blogging…

  1. I’ve been blogging since January this year, and I have experienced moments where I just don’t feel inspired enough. Or sometimes the blog posts I see don’t interest me. Either way, I enjoyed reading this. I love your outfit! If you can, please check out my blog 🙂

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      1. So many people have started at the beginning of this year. I keep seeing blogs disappear and I question whether I will follow suit. Hopefully we both will make it work. And thank you!! Xx

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