Blue Monday


Hello and congratulations for getting through another Monday! We’re one step closer to the weekend. I realised this morning how unready I was for the exhaustion of a Monday morning when I proceeded to spray deodorant into my hair instead of dry shampoo. What’s worse was I didn’t even notice for an embarrassing amount of time, which I think was a clear sign for me to get back into bed and protect the world from my accident prone ways. In all honesty, I don’t think I can really blame my clumsiness on lack of sleep, as it’s a pretty regular thing. Only yesterday I managed to drop a big heavy mirror on my chin (I don’t know how i managed it either), spill a bag of couscous everywhere, and one time not too long ago I somehow bought two left shoes. It’s a difficult condition to live with, which occasionally prompts the worrying thought that I have to be around myself for the rest of my life. Scary stuff. Anyway, I fought every urge to crawl back under my duvet (medal earning stuff) and faced the day head on.


It’s always hard to leave the weekend behind, mine in particular was hangover free for once which was a lovely feeling to wake up to on a Saturday morning! As difficult as it is to try and stay positive on a Monday, mine is being made a whole lot better with the fact that I’m off for a lovely meal and to see a Billy Fury show tonight! If there’s anything that can brighten up a Monday, surely it must be that. Anyhow, I wanted to share this outfit in a blog post because I wanted to quickly rave about TK Maxx. When I was younger (say around 12-17) I loved going into my local TK Maxx in Chester on a Sunday after having a roast at my grandparents. Odd little tradition I know, but I lived for searching through the rails of endless clothes, and finding unique pieces for a fraction of the recommended retail price. After a while I stopped finding things that caught my fancy, and it was rare for me to come across anything that I liked in the store, so I stopped going. Fast forward 4 years, and I am super impressed again. It’s not that I haven’t been in at all for 4 years, but I’ve tended to just stick to browsing the homewear section. So my boyfriend and I wandered in on a whim yesterday as he wanted to look at some kitchen knives (when you’re bf loves to cook this is the kind of interesting shopping you get dragged along for). My attention span is pretty poor when it comes to looking at kitchen utensils, so I wandered off to the clothing section for the first time in years.


I am so happy that I did because boy do they have some lovely pieces at the moment. This brings me along to the top that I’m wearing. This was pretty much the first thing I spotted, and it caught my eye straight away. I love the colour, the sleeves, the white bands around the wrists – it’s got the whole shabang in my opinion. And the best part is that it was only £12.99, absolute bargain. I also picked up a lovely little spotted wrap top which I am sure I will be sharing very soon. I paired it with these white trousers covered in tiny polka dots from Zara (I think I’m forming a polka dot obsession), and my trusty ASOS loafers.

Anyway, the moral of the story is – go to TK Maxx and try not to come out with 5 candles, a throw, and a statue of a little pug, I dare ya.

(Yes, there was actually a statue of a pug and yes I was tempted)

-Daisy, x


TOP | TK MAXX (similar here)

TROUSERS | ZARA (sold out, similar here)



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