Too Tulle for School


Hello everyone! Another sunny day in Liverpool, and dare I say it, I think it might be beer garden weather soon. Don’t want to jinx anything though. I always find it funny how things can come across as so much better than they are in real life, for example, who would have thought that there was a GIANT dead rat about 5 metres away from me in these pictures?! Poor rat. Anyway, enough about dead rodents and onto something less depressing. I’ve got to say, I’m a huge fan of tulle at the moment. Every time I go into a shop, I find myself drawn towards it – maybe it’s because it reminds me of something I’d wear as a child and I love a bit of nostalgia, who knows.


It’s just so floaty and makes me feel like a fairy (even though this dress looks a bit like something a witch would wear). The highstreet have an amazing selection of tulle pieces at the moment as it’s a major trend for this season, so I really was spoilt for choice! But, being the little bargain seeker I am I headed into Primark for a nosey when I spotted this dress for… wait for it… FIVE POUNDS. I know, crazy bargain. They also have the same dress in a peachy colour which I also picked up, but it washes out my ghostly skin a bit too much so unfortunately it has to go back. It would look amazing if you’re more tanned than me though, which admittedly isn’t hard! I’m really impressed with this dress, and one of the main reasons I bought it was because it actually has a slip dress attached inside, which is something that a lot of other tulle dresses in shops at the moment are lacking!


I was actually brave enough to go jacket-less for some of these pictures today, as I wanted to show off the ruffles on the sleeves and this is the way I’ll be wearing it when it gets warmer. But obviously it is still only March so a jacket was essential. I just paired it with my Zara leather jacket to balance out the ‘girly-ness’ of the dress. I really love toughening up an outfit with something like a leather jacket or boots just to give it a bit of edge.


To make myself feel even more like a fairy, I wore my pointed silver boots from Asos, which when paired with these fishnet tights do a really good job of giving you blisters if that’s something you’re looking for! It is only when I wear fishnet tights though to be fair, they’re as comfy as can be worn with normal tights or socks.

Anyhoo, must go and soak up some much needed Vitamin D whilst I still can.

Thanks for reading,

-Daisy, x


DRESS| PRIMARK (in store, similar here)

JACKET | ZARA (sold out, similar here)


BOOTS | ASOS (sold out, similar here)


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