The Adventures of Chuck and Mary


The sun is out! It’s still absolutely freezing and I’m still having to put my heating on full but we have to be thankful for something. After about an eternity of rain it was so lovely to step out into a sunny Liverpool today. The resident seagulls on the roof opposite our flat are fully loving having a little sunbathe after being soaked for the last few days. And yes, we have now started paying attention to the lifestyle habits of seagulls. They are called Chuck and Mary and they are very much in love if any of you are interested. Earlier today Chuck stood up to have a little poo and stretch one of his legs before he sat straight back down again. I’ll keep the updates coming as I’m sure you are all very interested.


Seeing as the sun was making an appearance I very bravely decided to go bare legged for the first time in SO LONG! I was very far from warm but I wasn’t struck down with frost bite which was a nice surprise.  I’ve had this Zara skirt in my wardrobe for a few months now, only wearing it for a special occasion, but I’ve finally found a way to style it for the day time that I’m happy with. I know navy and black tend to be a no go zone, but I really do love the combination sometimes, especially if incorporated in a neutral look. So with that in mind, I embraced my black leather jacket and studded boots and love the way they look with the skirt. To emphasis the casual aspect of the outfit, I went for an old Beatles band tee, and I think that the fact that it’s faded adds to the look. Of course it wouldn’t be a post from me without a trusty turtle neck, despite them making my head look even rounder than it actually is. It was far too cold to be wearing just a t shirt and light jacket so I wore it underneath the t shirt, as like I’ve said before in this post, I love layering turtle necks under things you wouldn’t naturally pair them with.

Anyway, got to go and check in on Chuck and Mary.

Thanks for reading,

-Daisy, x


SKIRT | ZARA (sold out, similar here)

JACKET | ZARA (sold out, similar here)


T SHIRT | UNKNOWN (similar here)

SHOES | ASOS (sold out, similar here)

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