20 facts about me


Hello and happy Friday everyone! I’ve decided to do something slightly different on my blog today, I’m having a bit of a mental block and can’t come up with one thing to write about which isn’t usually like me! So, I’ve just decided so share 20 random facts about myself. I’ve been mulling this over as a blog topic anyway, and now seems as good a time as any to do it, especially since I’ve had a few more views of my blog recently. I don’t know whether this comes across as a bit egotistical, and I don’t know if anyone will actually be interested in a post like this, but I always enjoy reading similar posts from other people so thought I’d give it a go. Of course, all details of the outfit are at the bottom as always!


  1. I grew up in Chester, and moved to Liverpool for uni when I was 18.
  2. I’m a huge animal lover and wanted to be a vet when I was younger until I realised I would have to put some animals down. I also have a dog shaped hole in my life and want to fill it ASAP, preferably with a lab (rescue of course!).
  3. I have an actual fear of sea food. I don’t know why it is, and I’m fully aware of how pathetic it is, but the thought of some kind of fish or prawn even touching my food makes me feel a bit queasy!
  4. My fave cuisine is definitely Italian, mostly because they put cheese on pretty much everything and I LOVE cheese. I’m yet to find a cheese I don’t like (apart from that smoked one that looks like a sausage and tastes like cigarettes.)
  5. I have a degree in History, and hopefully will soon have my Journalism qualification.


6. I would love to go on a safari in South Africa so much, it’s probably number 1 on my bucket list.
7. When I was about 8, I accidentally set the fire alarm off in a hotel and 2 fire engines came and everyone had to evacuate the building. This was at about 8:30am so a lot of people were standing outside in their dressing gowns. The hotel never found out it was me thankfully.
8. I fancy Miles Teller, a lot. Most people seem to think he’s a strange choice of celebrity crush but I really don’t understand what they mean – he’s beautiful.
9. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, but used to be much worse. I once had a week off school in year 9 because I thought I couldn’t breathe. The fact that I hadn’t died didn’t even convince me!
10. My favourite TV programme has probably got to be Game of Thrones. Jon Snow ❤


11. I have my grade 5 in flute and 4 in piano, and taught myself the guitar – I play all as equally as bad as each other.
12. The best school trip I ever went on was to New York when I was 16.
13. My drink of choice is either a malibu and coke (I ordered it so much bartenders around Liverpool didn’t even need to ask me at one point) or a glass of rosé.
14. I probably partied a lot too hard when I was at uni (god knows how I managed to get a 2:1 still) and now my perfect night out ends at midnight with a pizza in bed.


16. I went to Glastonbury festival with a group of friends when The Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys were playing and it was amazing.
17. I live with my boyfriend in Liverpool City Centre, and we’ve been together for around 3 ish years after meeting on the same course at uni.
18. I went to an all girls secondary school, which tends to invite a lot of questions. It really wasn’t as big a deal as most people think it to be!
19. My favourite night out in Liverpool is definitely Mathew Street. This is only really relevant for people in Liverpool, or those visiting. Seel Street used to be my go-to, but Mathew Street has a much more fun and care free crowd which I love! Also, Sgt Peppers is a great night if you want a good dance to a live cover band. It’s often full of cute old men having a jive you can have a nice chat to as well.
20. My boyfriend and I will have a conversation about pretty much anything and everything with other people. No matter how disgusting or in depth. I find awkward topics hilarious for some reason. A lot of our friends tend to be taken aback at first but come to love it and join in. It makes for a great conversation on nights out!



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