Winter Florals


I’m sick of winter. I’m sick of it getting dark at 4 o clock, I’m sick of it being pitch black when I get up in the morning, and most of all, I’m sick of feeling like I’m going to get frostbite when I step outside.

This time of the year is usually when I start yearning for a winter sun holiday, and this year is no different. I’ve found myself daydreaming about beaches and palm trees and summer cocktails far too much recently, and I’ve even gone as far as to check out some holiday deals just to torture myself that little bit more. But looking at pictures of people’s holidays to the Caribbean on Instagram and trying to experience some sunshine vicariously though them isn’t really doing me any good. So, for the time being a lot of us are having to suck it up and brace the cold until summer comes around and we’re hopefully able to jet off to somewhere hot, or perhaps we’ll even get some sunny weather in England too for a few days!


My outfit today is definitely a reflection of my sun cravings, as I’ve tried to inject some summer colours in the form of this floral Zara top. Albeit, it is definitely not winter appropriate and I think I let my summer excitement get the best of me as it’s a very light piece! Thankfully I had my coat waiting for me in the sidelines whilst I took these pictures, and I couldn’t get it back on quick enough. The things I do for a picture eh?

I paired the top within a simple black outfit as I wanted the florals to be the main element of the look, and I think the dark base compliments it well. The black skinny jeans are Topshop Joni jeans, which are my favourite high waisted fit that I’ve found, and my shoes are some suede-look sock boots from M&S. Since I have a degree in history, it was of course only a matter of time until I included a historic backdrop in some pictures, these being centred around the William Gladstone statue in St George’s Hall Gardens, Liverpool.

So, here’s to taking our first steps towards summer!

– Daisy, x

Top | Zara

Jeans | Topshop

Boots | Marks and Spencer (similar here)


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