Knee High Kicks


Hello, hello! I’m coming to you on this Blue Monday with another outfit post and a very soggy fringe. I must say I’ve chosen the wrong time of year to start a blog, as it’s so bloody cold and so bloody wet ALL THE BLOODY TIME! That’s the north of England for you. This is take two of shooting this outfit, as by the time I’d found somewhere to take pictures over the weekend I was a little drowned rat – not a good look. I can’t say I look significantly less wet in some of these pictures (my hair suffered the most), but I did manage to avoid the rain a little bit more today.

As it’s apparently the most depressing day of the year today, I wanted to be as productive as possible so I could have that lovely feeling of guilt free relaxation at the end of the day and not beat myself up about all of the things I should have done. I can happily say that I’ve ticked off quite a few things (although I did convince myself I was far too busy to go to the gym today – any excuse).


Speaking of my attempt of a 2017 fitness kick, I’ve been true to my new year’s resolution and I have been to the gym a grand total of four times this week. FOUR TIMES. That is a huge deal for me. I now just strongly dislike it, whereas a few days ago I was firmly rooted in the ‘hating it’ stage, and that sure seems like progress to me. At the risk of going off on even more of a tangent, I wanted to give a quick mention to a video I recently watched on the topic of vegetarianism by the lovely charlottesweb, who I have followed for some time now. Although I’m not a veggie myself, the video has inspired another 2017 goal, which is for me to move towards it, or at least cut down on the amount of meat in my diet. That means no more Greggs sausage sandwiches for me (or at least stop having them on an embarrassingly regular basis).


Enough rambling and onto the outfit!! The main event of this ensemble is of course, these Zara over the knee boots. I’ve been after a pair of these for so long, but the main struggle I’d had was finding the right heel. I wanted a pair that weren’t so high that I couldn’t wear them in the day, but weren’t completely flat either. I think the block heel on these is perfect as it’s a comfortable height, and elongates the leg too. My only criticism of these are that they do slip down the leg slightly, but it’s really not that noticeable to cause that much of an issue.

I’ve paired the boots with a zip down checked skirt that I bought about a year ago from Primark. I really want this Topshop one in a similar pattern, but I just can’t justify it at the moment considering that I have this one in my wardrobe! Moving onto le torso, I’m sporting a white polo neck top, courtesy of my boyfriend (thank you Ben for sharing your wardrobe with me), and a slightly cropped leather jacket from Zara. And yes, I am aware it’s January, and yes, I was cold.

Until next time!

-Daisy, x

Skirt | Primark (similar here)

Boots | Zara (the black ones have sold out but here is the brown pair at less than half price you lucky buggers!)

Jacket | Zara (sold out, similar here)

Polo neck | Topman (similar here – 50% off!)




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