The Winter Blazer


I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say sales are pretty much the only good thing that January has going for itself. I’ve been scouring the highstreet both online and in store since boxing day hoping to find some bargains. I tend to keep an eye out for basic pieces during this time, as you can often get your hands on some great quality items with longevity for a fraction of the price.

A shop which always stands out to me during the sale season is Marks and Spencer. A lot of people tend to be surprised when they ask me where something is from and it turns out to be M&S, and I think it’s because it used to be associated with the older lady. Over the last few years though it’s started to become a shop that I regularly nip into or browse their website, and I quickly came to realise that it’s not just full of clothes for my nan!


This brings me onto the outfit which features THREE sale finds from M&S. And yes, I get excited over sales and like to wear all my new clothes at once. No willpower. First up is this gorgeous wool blazer with an almost tweed-like checked material. I really like the structured fit of this, and that it’s slightly longer than the average blazer, which I always find more flattering. I was drawn to this because it’s a really versatile piece as it can be dressed up or down without much effort. The fact that it’s wool too makes it a perfect jacket for this time of year. Thanks to the 50% off sale I bagged this for £38 when it was originally around £80!

I paired the blazer over another sale find which is this crisp white shirt. I’ve been after a shirt like this for bloody ages, but I just hadn’t found one that caught my eye as much as this. The shirt is all business in the front, and party in the back with the cross over slit just above the bum. I think it’s a fun and unique design for something that’s traditionally a conservative piece.


Lastly from the M&S sale is the camel coloured scarf, which is definitely the classiest scarf I’ve ever owned. I’ve not really got much to say about this other than it’s incredibly soft and I feel like a proper grown up when I wear it. Definitely going to have it draped around me the next time I have to sort my bills out.

So I paired the three new items with some things I’ve owned for a while now, because unfortunately, I’m not made of money. Sigh. These jeans are the Topshop ‘Cain’ jeans in a mid wash. I don’t have a bad word to say about them – they’re a great fit and I find myself reaching for them a hell of a lot. Lastly, I’ve got on my trusty black heeled leather boots from Topshop, which I got in the sale about two years ago and they’re still going strong despite how many nights out they’ve been on!

Anyway, I’ve got to get back to my bag of mini eggs (it’s never too soon) and try to distract myself from remembering it’s Monday tomorrow.

– Daisy, x










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