New Year Goals


Happy New Year! I’m currently sat with a cup of tea and some beans on toast – a trusty combination to combat a lethal hangover from New Year’s Eve. 2017 seems to be starting well for me, as I actually did all the washing up from last night at 4am, and have already hoovered and cleaned my flat which is usually absolutely unthinkable on a hangover. It’s a proud moment.

With the Christmas festivities well and truly over, it’s only natural to feel a bit depressed that January is back round again, bringing us back to reality. 2016 wasn’t the best, it’s got to be said; we lost so many amazing people, made some very questionable political decisions, and the size of toblerones have gotten smaller. What is the world coming to?



It’s not all been doom and gloom though, I graduated from university this year, had some amazing experiences, and made some truly amazing and loyal friends. That being said, there is of course quite a few things that I’d like to accomplish this year, because what’s January without some unachievable resolutions that make you feel terrible when you can’t stick to them? First of all, I need to hit the gym. ASAP. My Christmas podge is definitely at the stage where I can’t deny its existence anymore (I blame the mince pies), and I’d like to be able to walk up the stairs to my flat without feeling as though I might pass out. This goes hand in hand with my attempt at dry January, starting today! Secondly, I really need to finally get my driving license (that means no driving down one way streets the wrong way as I did on my test a couple of weeks ago. Oops). Another goal is to get a job that I’m actually passionate about, and as my 18 week journalism course comes to an end later this month, this one is really hanging over my head. And last, but certainly not least, I want to properly throw myself into this blog, with a consistent schedule producing content that I’m actually proud of.


So, onto the actual outfit! I don’t think I can find the words to describe just how much I love this coat. Not only is it bloody beautiful, it’s so so comfy and warm, making it the next best thing to wearing your duvet out of the house (if only that was socially acceptable). It is of course the coat from the Archive by Alexa range at Marks and Spencer which has been gracing fashion blogs and instagram for a few weeks now. I paired it with some light wash straight leg jeans from Miss Selfridge, which cost me a whole ten english pounds in the boxing day sales. I love how the lighter colours compliment each other, especially when they’re broken up with some harsher black elements such as this amazing Jack Wills knit and my trusty M&S black suede boots. This is definitely one of my favourite ensembles at the moment, and I will 100% be wearing it a lot this month as I try and find something to do on a Friday night that doesn’t involve wine. Wish me luck!

-Daisy, x



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